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With 20+ years as a CEO and 30+ years of energy domain experience, Ray brings a national network and hands-on strategic, financial, organizational, operational and communications skills to Praxis clients.

Hands On Professional Roles


Corporate Development





Change Management

C&I Market Channel Experience

Energy Efficiency

Comfort Cooling

Facility Services

Utility DSM Consulting


System Integration

Wholesale Distribution

Energy Domain Applied Technology Expertise

Energy Efficient Lighting

HVAC Optimization

Building Intelligence

Demand Response

Renewable Natural Gas

Software Development

EV Charging

Whether working in a publicly-traded company or start-up scaling to middle market, the businesses Ray has led have succeeded through an emphasis on relationships, alignment of interests, product education, and a willingness to earn a trusted advisor role.

See the Whole Field

As the last wave of lighting and comfort cooling technology transforms a market, the next wave begins. Environmental imperatives drive renewable energy sources, and new regulatory constructs create a decentralized electric grid in which energy time-of-use is often more important than the volume consumed.

Data solutions have transitioned from an abstract future to powerful, practical tools that create quantifiable energy and environmental efficiencies and support corporate decarbonization goals.

While investor-owned utilities, municipalities and co-ops work to serve rapidly evolving grid and demand side needs, transportation electrification is a case study in the growing convergence of historically siloed utility, energy solutions, data technology and facilities markets.

Combine a holistic market understanding with introspection at the organizational level, define the business’ fundamental value, and build it into the fabric of the business.

A Simple Approach

In an industry where opportunity is everywhere, change is constant, and demand for energy solutions exceeds capable supply, what separates those who succeed from those who struggle?


Strategic Planning


Gated Process

Enterprise Value

Client Focus

Understand and Codify the Business’s Fundamental Value

Define, Prioritize and Execute Strategic Initiatives

Earn Client, Supply-Chain and Team Credibility and Trust

Qualify BD Opportunities, Development Investments & Execution Risk

Configure Working Capital and Profit Model to Support Financial Goals

Understand Client Needs and Seek Alignment of Interests

Alignment of Interests

Environmental & Regulatory Imperatives

Financial & Market Imperatives

Regulators, Utilities & Consultants

Technology Developers and OEM’s

Solutions Providers & Distributors

Large Scale Consumers of Energy

Professional History

Engaged by Ally founders in 2017 to facilitate scale. Served as CEO during 2017-2021 transition from an early-stage start-up with 12 FTE’s and predominately lighting retrofit revenue, to middle-market scale and >50 FTE’s delivering LED lighting, power factor correction, PV solar, DER’s, Biogas and Renewable Natural Gas services to a national industrial facilities client base. 

Engaged by utility demand-side management consulting firm AESC in 2014 to monetize the founder’s equity through a strategic acquisition of the company. Three years of strategic scale, business development investment, software productization and succession planning resulted in the company’s acquisition by Energia Pacifica in July of 2017. 

Engaged by Enerliance in 2011 to monetize the founder’s HVAC, chilled water, and airside optimization intellectual property through a sale of the company. Three years of productization of the custom software, development of a national network of channel partners, and product education through a thought leadership campaign led to the company’s acquisition by Yardi Systems in May of 2014.

Over the course of ten years as President and CEO, led the energy efficient lighting OEM to national scale, acquisition into a roll-up platform, growth through further acquisition, integration of the acquired companies, and sale of the platform to Hubbell Lighting in 2008.

During ten years with ABM’s Amtech Lighting Service division, from 1991 through 2001, was a key contributor to the company’s expansion into energy retrofit and planned lighting management, serving national account retail, commercial real estate, and retail banking facilities.

Industry Credentials

CEM, Certified Energy Manager, Association of Energy Engineers

CDSM, Certified Demand Side Management Professional, Association of Energy Engineers

CLEP, Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional, Association of Energy Engineers

CLMC, Certified Lighting Management Consultant, NALMCO

CSLC, Certified Sustainable Lighting Consultant, NALMCO

Successful Projects

Board Service & Affiliations

Peak Load Management Alliance,
Executive Committee, 2015-2018

Illuminating Engineering Society,
Lighting Controls Committee, 2016-2017

Illuminating Engineering Society,
Professional Member, 2002-2017

Alternative Energy Systems Consulting,
Board of Advisors, 2005-Present

Sustain OC, Cleantech OC,
Board of Directors, 2014

Echo-Factory, Inc.,
Board of Advisors, 2011-14

interNational Association of
Lighting Management Companies,
Board of Directors, 2010-13

Varon Lighting Group,
Board of Directors, 2007-08

Thought Leadership

Retrofit vs. Relight, How Does the Industry Quantify Value?
NALMCO LM&M, August 1, 2012

The Future of Lighting is not Maintenance Free
IESNA LD+A, February 1, 2013

Intelligent HVAC
Ray Pustinger on Energy Reduction, Utility Incentives, and the Smart Grid
Commercial Property Executive, July 1, 2014

Commercial Energy Management Software Meets Building Intelligence, Energy Solutions, and the Smart Grid
Realcomm, May 31, 2014

Considerations for Corridor Direct Current Fast Charging Infrastructure in California
Contributor CEC-600-2015-015, December 2015

The Energy Climate, Thoughts on Convergence
Lynxspring Exchange, October 2017

Advanced Intelligence to Enable Integration of Distributed Resources
Technical Advisory Committee, CEC-500-2020-057, September 2020


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